Hi everyone,

Here come more ringtones!  I had a busy spring and summer!  I traveled to Norway twice, traveled to the midwest to visit family and I did this while continuing to write new music and create more ringtones, plus run my consulting business.  On top of that, I play in the Evergreen Community Orchestra.  So now I am playing catch up with my web site.  I had created the ringtones for my Opus 3 in the Bluesy Bach series a few months ago, but forgot to post them until now.

Here is the link to Bluesy Bach Opus 3 Ringtone # 1 (Minuet).  I will publish ringtone # 2 in a separate post so it appears in your podcast feed.

And furthermore, YOU can help support independent music creation, by going to my music store page. All payments may be done SECURELY through PayPal.

The music store page contains ringtones that are already in the Apple .m4r format or use on an iPhone.