Trailer Park Santa Ringtone # 1!

Just when you think you couldn’t ask for anything more from Santa, here he comes with ringtones!  Those Elves are busy little guys.  Here is ringtone number 1!  This is in MP3 format.  The iPhone version is available on my music store page…..

Y’all come back now, ya hear!


Sheet Music for Trailer Park Santa

Sheet music is also available for Trailer Park Santa.  The lead sheet contains the melody and chord progression for the song.  A copy is available for download on the Sheet Music Page.

Thank you for your support!


Video of Trailer Park Santa

My next song in the series of singles that will make up my Christmas album this coming fall was just released: “Trailer Park Santa“. This post is to give you is the Trailer Park Santa video. So….”Merry Christmas!” It’s Christmas in July! Ho, ho, ho.  The songwriting backstory is here.