I am working on a new composition.  Calling it “I Am Free”.  I’m not sure what genre to classify this one under…..it sounds kind of new agey….but for some reason the phrase New Age bugs me.  I think I’ll call it Ambient.  I think it will be a good piece of music to play in the background at a massage therapy clinic or acupuncturist’s office or something.  Come to think of it I bet a lot of those folks buy New Age music….but I still don’t want to call it new age.  I suppose I could claim it as “experimental”…..Naw, I’ll stick with “Ambient”.  There are no lyrics.  But if you did want lyrics you could sing in your head, “I am Free”.

Here’s the song: I Am Free demo

You may also listen with this audio player button: I Am Free [yendifplayer type = audio mp3=https://christopher-j.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/I-Am-Free-demo.mp3]