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This is lesson DB-8, How to Hold the Bass, and is a continuation of my journal of things I have learned as a beginning adult double bass student.  Be sure to check out my Double Bass Lessons page for a complete list of all of my lessons!

Unlike the bass guitar, or violin you don’t actually “hold” the double bass. It just stands there! Michael Klinghoffer has a nice video on the subject that was helpful to me. It all seems pretty simple and natural. As Kenny Werner says, you need to become one with your instrument. Once you have found a comfortable position, either standing or sitting, it will become second nature to you. On the other hand, if you want to get technical about it, Franz Simandl in his “New Method for the Double Bass” has this to say:

The Position of the Player
In taking his position next to the instrument, the player must stand in such a way that the weight of his body will be born principally by the left foot, the right foot being advanced for the distance of a short step, and in an outward direction. The body must be held as quietly as possible and in a perfectly upright manner. The instrument is placed in front to the left, in such a way that it will incline somewhat, but very slightly, in a backward direction towards the player, and allowing the back right edge of the instrument to fit into the left thigh of the player.