Even if you can hear with your ears it is important to learn how to truly listen with all of your senses.

I lost all of my left side hearing as a result of craniotomy surgery because I was diagnosed with Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS) a few years ago and have screaming tinnitus all the time and have been fitted with special “BICROS” hearing aids to help my right ear hear things going on to the left of me as well as take care of some minor high frequency loss on the right side. It has been an ongoing tweaking process with my audiologist to get the programming just right. I have hearing aids that have 4 programs for specific types of audio environments and they can listen and switch automatically to the appropriate program. Unfortunately, even with all of this technology, they are still a double-edged sword and at times go into feedback in response to some particular sound. There are days that I like them a lot and other days that I can’t stand them and I leave them on the shelf. I was quite depressed and frustrated with my hearing loss at first, but then I became more hopeful later as I accepted it as a new aspect of who I am. In addition, listening to the story of Evelyn Glennie, a deaf classical percussionist who lost her hearing when she was a child, inspired me a lot to really listen with all of my senses and I feel that today I am a better listener that I was when my ears were 100% functional. Besides Evelyn Glennie, another inspiring deaf musician for me is Hector Tirado, a deaf double bassist. I have included videos of both of these people below to help inspire you.

If you are losing your hearing, I recommend first of all having an exam by an ENT physician to evaluate you and then get a referral to some reputable audiologists. If you are also a musician, explain in advance that you are a musician and ask them if they have experience in working with issues unique to musicians.

Hector Tirado


Evelyn Glennie




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