Thanks to my day job I got to spend a week in San Diego during the huge cold snap and ice storm much of the USA has been enduring during the first week of December. Hey, it’s not even officially winter yet per my calendar.  What happened to “global warming”?  When I was a kid, the “experts” back then were warning of a new ice age….maybe they were right after all.  Or maybe this is just typical earthly climate variation and we shouldn’t freak about this stuff, but just get on with life.  Anyway, it even affected southern California with the temps dipping down to an unbearable 59 degrees causing the locals to don sweaters, scarves and winter coats.


I was able to escape from the conference room dungeon long enough to make a trip over to Carvin Guitar and Pro Audio.  I posed for this pic just seconds before the rain started coming down.

Carvin Guitar Front Doors

In Front of Carvin Guitar

Dear Santa!

Inside Carvin Guitar 1

The axe I “axually” liked the most is the semi hollow body hanging in the center right above my shoulder.  It is a Frank Gambale FG1 Semi-Hollow Carved Top Guitar.  It is an orange burst on quilted maple with an ebony fretboard (you don’t see that much these days) and is even available with an RMC pickup and synth access, a piezo pickup plus a C22B bridge pickup and a Frank Gambale designed FG22N neck pickup.

Inside Carvin Guitar 2

Inside Carvin Guitar 3


Some nice basses in waiting too.


Inside Carvin Guitar 4

This guy has an awesome head of hair.  I’m talking about the dude on the right.

Carvin Hair

The worst part of the trip was when I ended up at the receiving end of a 2 car rear ender and the two rear enders sped off and did “hit and run”.  Because I was on 911 immediately I got the license and description and the cops got the offenders a few minutes later as they were stuck in San Diego afternoon I-5 “gridlock”.  I hear it is a one year suspension for hit and run in California.  “So you had a bad day?”

Rear End Hit and Run Damage