Here is the video for Hide Away.    I released my arrangement and recording of Freddie King’s Hide Away last week, on July 1st and then worked on putting this video together.  I wondered if “Mel’s Hide Away Lounge” which Freddie says he named the song after was still there, but apparently it disappeared long ago.  I contacted the manger for Freddie’s brother, Benny Turner, to see if she knew about Mel’s Hide Away Lounge and she confirmed that it is indeed gone.  But she told me that according to Benny, it was on Roosevelt Road (12th Street) near S. Halsted Street.   By the way, in the process I found out that Benny has a book out titled, “Survivor: The Benny Turner Story“, which I bought and I am really enjoying reading about Benny’s life, along with stories about his big brother Freddie.  Anyway, since the original Hide Away lounge is long gone I tried to find as many pictures of other Hide Aways that I could to include with my music.  So here you go!