This is a page just for fun and for me because I have always sort of wondered what the answers are to these kinds of questions. So now, I will have a place to figure it out and keep track.

So here we go:

Beatles Last Live Concert:
Was it 1966 or 1969? Was it at Wembley Stadium along with the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Yardbirds or was it on the rooftop of Apple Records?
When is Paul McCartney’s birthday?
Born 18 June 1942  Source:
Who was the tallest Beatle? John or Paul?
I haven’t been able to find any reliable source to answer this question yet. Except for Ringo, they all appear to be very close to the same height. I think Paul is marginally the tallest Beatle. Take a look at this YouTube video of the Beatles meeting Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is 6’3”. So, my guess is:

  • Paul – 5’ 11”
  • George – 5’ 10”
  • John – 5’ 9.5”
  • Ringo – 5’ 8”


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