New Music Monday: San-Ho-Zay

More blues coming up for ya.  My cover of “San-Ho-Zay” by blues giant, “Texas Cannonball”, Freddie King” will be released on October 22nd. Use this form to Pre-Save “San-Ho-Zay” (or paste into your browser) to be the first to hear this song!



Some Hip-Pop Beats

Some “Hip-Pop Beats” for ya.  Maybe I stumbled into a new beat genre.  Just sharing a little bit from my next tune I’m working on.  This one will have some hip hop beats going against a pop-rock beat courtesy of Alan White of John Lennon fame.  Stay tuned for the full tune coming pretty soon.



Crosscut Saw is Live

Crosscut Saw is Live!  My cover of Albert King’s Crosscut Saw was actually released back on August 31st and I had meant to send this out to you earlier but I’ve also been in the process of rebuilding…..and I mean completely rebuilding my online music store and that ended up taking a lot more time and effort than I figured in advance!  Be sure to check out my new music store.  So anyway —  here is Crosscut Saw — enjoy!

Crosscut Saw record player


New Music Store

Hey people, I’m excited to announce that after a LOT of work, my old music store has been rebuilt into the NEW music store.  You can check it out here.  Some cool new features are the ability to filter songs by genre, e.g. “rock” or “blues”, etc.  plus you can sort the list in various ways.  As before, you can still pay totally securely through PayPal.  My site has nothing to do with your payment other than sending you to PayPal.  If there are other features that you would like to see, let me know.

CJ Music Store Screen Shot